Why You Should Take Your Car On Weekly Drives

Any vehicle sitting for an extended period of time is going to experience issues as it sits unused. Those issues range from a dead battery, to flat tires, leaking brakes, or even unwelcome guests. Your vehicle is not meant to sit exposed and idle for long periods of time.

If you do happen to leave your vehicle sitting for an extended period of time, here are several things that you need to look for before you sit behind the wheel.

Dead Battery

Your vehicle needs to run regularly for it to recharge the battery. Even though your vehicle’s battery is built to hold its charge for quite some time, it still needs support from the alternator. Without that support, it will lose its charge over time.

If your battery is dead, just jump it. If the jump works, it is still advised to take it into a service technician and have them look it over. You might very well need a brand new battery

Flat Tires

This one will be obvious. Tires lose air monthly. In addition, if your vehicle sits without moving for months then flat spots will develop that will permanently effect the tires’ ride quality. Mother nature also will slowly effect your tires over time.

Be sure to check your tire pressure and inflate it to the recommended pressure. If you notice any signs of wear then you will need to take it into a tire specialist. Driving on damaged tires is a recipe for disaster.

Fluid Problems

An extended break from driving will negatively effect everything from your gasoline, motor oil, power steering, brake, and transmission fluid. The molecular composition of the fluids can break down over time, while the vehicle’s components (hoses and gaskets) can weaken, fail, or even dry out.

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Unwelcome Guests

You vehicle is a respite for many creatures looking for a safe and durable home. Unwelcome guests like mice, squirrels, rodents, and other pests can make your vehicle home. They can get in pretty much every crevice: the engine, the cabin, the tires, among others. If you left snacks or anything edible inside your vehicle, then do not be surprised to see ants foraging about.

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