When Do My Brakes Need Repair?

Disc brake of the vehicle for repair, in process of new tire replacement. Car brake repairing in garage.Suspension of car for maintenance brakes and shock absorber systems

Your vehicle requires consistent maintenance to run well wherever you go in Gallup, New Mexico, or anywhere else. Making necessary repairs and staying on top of regular service will also help to ensure safety. This is especially true when it comes to brakes. These components are among the most critical to your vehicle. In addition, brakes will suffer more wear and tear than many other parts. You don’t want to put off brake work. Therefore, you need to keep your eyes and ears sharp for clues that your brakes need attention.

You Hear a Squealing or Grinding Noise

Sometimes, your brakes will indicate problems by the noises they make. One of the most common of these is a high-pitched squealing noise. This will happen as you apply the brakes to come to a stop. It means that the brake pads are wearing thin. As the brakes wear out more, they may make a grinding noise. This tells you that metal is wearing on metal. As a result, this means it is time for immediate brake repair and replacement.

You Feel Vibrations

Secondly, you may feel the vehicle vibrating when you press on the brakes. This could indicate a few different car problems. Furthermore, it often means the brakes need attention. When you detect vibrations, the brake rotors could be warped. Resurfacing them could do enough to fix the problem. Or, a professional might have to replace the rotors altogether.

The Pedal Feels Odd

Thirdly, this one can be a bit more difficult to point out. However, when the brakes are going out, some drivers notice differences in the way the brake pedal feels. Brake problems could manifest in a low or spongy brake pedal. Moreover, it could take more effort to apply the brake to bring the vehicle to a stop. Don’t ignore this sign. Instead, bring it to a professional for a diagnosis.

There Are Parking Brake Problems

Sometimes, brake issues extend to the parking brake. This essential part of the car will keep the vehicle in place when you park on a hill. However, if the parking brake isn’t working properly, it creates serious safety concerns. If you apply the parking brakes but do not feel any resistance, have a technician look at it.

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The Indicator Light Comes On

Much of the time, when you are having brake issues, your vehicle will tell you so. It does this via the dashboard warning light. When this light illuminates, it typically means the antilock braking system needs repair.

Always take these warning signs seriously. If you experience any of them in your vehicle, bring it to the service team at Amigo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Gallup, New Mexico. Our experienced technicians can identify and fix the problem.

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