Throw A Party For Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras, Rio carnival mask and colorful decorations.

If you’re looking to celebrate Mardi Gras this year you don’t have to travel far to have fun. It’s well known that New Orleans is one of the best places to celebrate Mardi Gras, but you and your friends can have just as much fun at home. If you’re thinking about planning a Mardi Gras party, then you might want to consider the following ideas to make your party spectacular.

Mardi Gras Party Ideas

Stock Up On Beads. You can’t have a Mardi Gras party without the beads so make sure you have plenty for your guest. Your guest can wear them and they can be used as decoration for fun theming.

Set Up A Mask Table. Some of your guest may arrive wearing mask, but for the others have a table filled with masks so that as they enter they grab which ever one they prefer. You can even make your party kid friendly with a mask making table, just head to your local store and stock up on feathers, glitter, glue, rhinestones, and more to keep the children entertained. Have a responsible adult assigned to the table to make sure the children have help if needed.

Have A Photo Booth. Have a way for your guest to take photos of their fun filled night with a photo booth. You can rent one or make it yourself. Renting a booth is easy, quick, and they come supplied with everything you need; however, if you want to put your own spin on the photo booth then you can go and collect supplies from your local store.

Have A King Cake. Make sure you have the ring shape cake with a bean, nut, or plastic baby inside for your guest to find as they are eating. This Mardi Gras tradition is thoroughly enjoyed during parties because whoever finds the hidden object is then bestowed with certain privileges or obligations.

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Start Planning Your Party Now

Mardi Gras is celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday, traditionally as a way to indulge a bit more before lent begins; however, there are many who celebrate who don’t place to give up anything for lent. Start planning today and enjoy a night of fun.

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