Refresh Your Home With These DIY Tips

entryway bench in modern home

Does the very idea of renovating your home send a chill down your spine? You don’t want to devote thousands of dollars to the project, so you might think you need to put it on the backburner. While some tasks might need to wait for a professional, you can refresh your home with these simple DIY projects.

Add Smart Features

You can smarten up your home by adding some technology during the refresh. Options like camera-enabled doorbells and programmable thermostats will transform your house into a modern, easy-to-use space. Now, that’s a nice upgrade.

Make Your Entryway Inviting and Functional

Is your entryway a little drab? You can change that in a big way with a couple of changes. First, consider bringing in a bench and hooks so people can sit to take off their shoes and hang up their jackets. Then, add a beautiful rug and additional pieces that fit into your home’s existing design.

Tackle the Tile and Grout in the Bathroom

You would think that the tile and grout in your bathroom would glimmer and shine, considering it gets splashed with soap and water while you’re showering. While that’s great for humans, that’s not the case for tile and grout. It can get grimy in an instant, so get a tub and tile refinishing kit. The kit will get rid of the grime, so your tile will sparkle like it did when you first installed it.

Swap Out Cabinet Hardware

You might not have the budget (or time) for new cabinets, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with your current look. Instead, you can swap out the hardware with new pieces. First, measure the distance between the drill holes in your cabinets, and then buy the right size hardware. Then, you just need to install the new pieces.

Create an Office Out of a Closet

Is a home office on your “want” list, but short of moving, you don’t think you can make it happen? If you have a closet you aren’t using, why not turn it into a small office? You’ll need to clean it out before removing the doors and hinges. Then, bring in the decorations you want for your private space.

Update Your Fixtures

You can give your home a massive refresh by updating old fixtures. Change out ceiling fans, lights, and other fixtures to get a more modern look. Since you’re swapping instead of adding, you won’t have to worry about wiring with this project.

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Add Storage With Floating Shelves

You can add style and storage at the same time by installing floating shelves in unused corners. Then, you can add a dash of style while providing additional storage space.

As you can see, you don’t need a massive budget or much time to refresh your home. Tackle these projects this spring so your house will be ready for summer.

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