Red Or Green? Try These Hatch Chile Recipes

red enchiladas

Being asked “red or green?” is almost a comfort question for New Mexicans. Being asked if you would want your food covered in red or green sauce–or sometimes both–is familiar and welcoming. However, do you have a preference? If you are stuck and want to see if true red or green tickles your fancy, try these recipes by Allrecipes, Familia Kitchen, and Homemade for Elle. Find out if you want to be more adventurous with your sauce or keep to the traditional route.

Hatch Chile Enchilada Pie

This green sauce recipe is from Allrecipes’ Hatch Chile Enchilada Pie. If you are working with hatch chiles from the grocery store, this sauce is slightly better for you. Seth Kolloen, the recipe’s creator, says that the sauce mixes the slightly spicy and slightly sweet flavors of the chiles together perfectly. Keeping the natural flavor of the pepper cannot be oversold and Allrecipes gives a perfect choice for anyone who prefers to keep things simple.

Grandma Pino’s Sweet Chile Sweet Rellenos

Familia Kitchen’s recipe for Grandma Pino’s Sweet Chile Sweet Rellenos calls for hatch peppers that lean more towards medium or hot. While Allrecipes leans more towards the pepper’s natural sweetness, Familia Kitchen uses spices to sweeten up the sauce. In fact, Familia Kitchen’s recipe makes the chile well-rounded by incorporating savory spices with sweeter ones. Grandma Pino’s Sweet Chile is perfect for a chef that prefers a more complex dish.

Authentic Red Sauce

Homemade for Elle shines as the only red sauce contender. Calling for a pound of dried red peppers, the recipe calls simply for garlic powder, cumin powder, salt, and dried oregano. Simple should not be underrated. By not adding a lot of different spices, the recipe is versatile and allows for the red peppers to shine. Plus, Homemade for Elle’s red sauce is perfect to accompany enchiladas, posole, or huevos rancheros.

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If these recipes did not answer your question, there might be a solution for you. Just like how you can mix red and green together at a restaurant, why not mix them at home? Pick your favorite green sauce, whether that is from Allrecipes or Familia Kitchen, and pair it with the red sauce from Homemade for Elle and enjoy the party on your taste buds!

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