Plan A Car Picnic In Your Jeep

Open tailgate with vintage picnic items at a campsite in autumn

Your Jeep can do many things and is up for any adventure, and when life gets busy, sometimes we forget the little things. So grab your special someone and plan a picnic in your Jeep with these ideas from The Millennial Stay-At-Home Mom. The key to a good picnic is the scenery, and your Jeep can handle the terrain, so load everything up and prepare for a memory you won’t ever forget. It can be hard to spend time together, so get creative and spend quality time with your significant other.

Jeep Picnic Ideas

Make It Comfy. Pack plenty of pillows and planets for the trunk or bed of your Jeep. You may even want to consider putting a full-size air mattress into the trunk of your Jeep. For the cooler summer nights, make sure to grab your cozy blankets, so you enjoy the stars comfortably. The more, the merrier if you think you have too many pillows or blankets; you’re wrong because who doesn’t like sitting on a cloud?

All The Snacks. Grab your significant other’s favorite snacks and load them into the back of the Jeep. You may want to stick to the easy stuff with an easy clean-up. You may even want to consider a charcuterie board. For anything that needs refrigerating, you may want to consider packing a small cooler for drinks or cold snacks. Don’t forget to pack napkins and plates to eat on.

Have A Plan. Laying under the stars or enjoying the scenery is excellent, but you may want to consider planning things to do to enjoy the time together. This can be as simple as playing a card or board game or planning a movie night using a sheet and a portable projector. Or you can go to drive in movie theatre and watch the movie from the back of the vehicle.

Decorate. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, make your significant other feel special with decorations. Maybe you are proposing, celebrating an anniversary, or creating new memories. Take the time to decorate your Jeep to make the picnic one to remember.

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Start Planning Your Jeep Picnic

Picnics are budget friendly and are great no matter the season. So load all the necessary supplies into your Jeep from Amigo CDJR and prepare for a little adventure. Remember that the time spent together is the most important part, so you don’t have to do anything extravagant. Honestly, you can just watch the sunset together. So pick a time that works best and plan the perfect Jeep picnic that you and your significant other will enjoy for years to come.

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