Make Your Own Halloween Wreath

Different pumpkin shaped holders, autumn leaves and burning candles on wooden table. Halloween decor

For many people in Gallup, New Mexico, fall comes with a welcome reception. The temperatures become cooler, the colors change, and there is a different feeling in the air. You can celebrate the changing of the season by putting up some decorations in and around your home. However, don’t think you need to spend a lot of money buying these items. You can have some satisfaction by making them yourself. For instance, a Halloween wreath looks great leading up to the holiday.

Changeable Hay Wreath

Hay makes a great Halloween-themed wreath. After all, it’s versatile and can go just about anywhere in your home. Moreover, you can add any number of elements to it. These include leaves, pumpkins, corn stalks, and spooky Halloween ghosts. For example, all you need is a hay wreath, which you can purchase from a craft store. Then, make a Halloween spider with a few simple items.

Take four black pipe cleaners, two large googly eyes, some hot glue, and one large black pom-pom. Trim the pipe cleaners to make eight legs, and then glue one end to the center of the pom-pom. You can bend the pipe cleaners any way you would like. Glue on the eyes, and you have a fun and not-too-scary spider to put on your hay wreath.

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Cute and Friendly Ghost Wreath

Ghosts are synonymous with Halloween. However, if you are not going for scare tactics or haunting, you can make your own ghosts for a door wreath that won’t frighten your visitors. Make a ghost-themed embroidery hoop art wreath for your house this season.

Firstly, you’ll want a 7-inch embroidery hoop, a 10-inch square of black fabric, a 5-inch square of white fabric, and a small circle of fabric in gray color. Moreover, get some fusible webbing, a marking pen or transfer pen, DMC embroidery floss (white, black, and gray), and orange pom-pom trim. You’ll also want some ribbon for a bow as well as hot glue to put everything together.

Make your design and then transfer it to the white and black fabrics. Make sure the ghosts are on the white and everything else is on the black. Moreover, iron the webbing on the back of the white fabric. Next, cut out the ghosts and put them on the black fabric. Place the small gray circle above the ghosts.

Furthermore, put the fabric in the hoop and begin stitching. You can use a chain stitch to make the outlining for the spider, spider web line, and ghosts. Gray for the spider and white for the ghosts works best. Plus, a batch stitch for the spider’s legs and the lettering will make the wreath stand out. Finish by embroidering the faces with black using.

These are just two holiday ideas for your wreath decorations. Make them this Halloween and have a festive atmosphere.



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