Jargon Lesson On Jeep Lingo

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When you take the keys to your own Jeep, you become a part of a community that takes pride in the capability and engineering that Jeep is known for. Off-roading enthusiasm also runs high in the Jeep family, and some jargon has developed as shorthand among adventurous Jeep drivers. If you want to talk the talk, take a look at these common Jeep terms to pick up the insider lingo.

Gear Terms

Mods: Mods or modifications are any alterations made to augment the vehicle from its standard appearance or capabilities. Mods can be added entirely for aesthetic reasons, or to adapt its performance for your goals.

Rig: A rig is a model that has undergone modification for off-road performance. This can entail OEM or aftermarket parts like lift kits, lights, wheels, tires, and more.

Stock: A stock vehicle is the opposite of a rig, as it has no modifications of any kind.

Armor: Venturing off-road means you might encounter rocks, logs, and other obstacles that might pose a danger to the underside of a vehicle. That’s why off-road vehicles need skid plates, heavy-duty bumpers, and other gear to guard its parts and components. This protective gear is appropriately known as armor.

Lockers: This is shorthand for “locking differentials.” These are the off-road components designed to help your Jeep optimize traction by locking the axle shaft to keep them rotating at the same speed. They provided the necessary power to the wheels in contact with the ground when you’re on uneven terrain.

Performance Terms

Mudding: Also known as mud-ridding or bogging, mudding is the act of off-roading in a muddy environment. This could simply mean putting your off-roading gear to the test on slick trails, or it could be used to describe fording pools of murky mud.

Articulation: This is the level of flexibility that the suspension system is capable of. It dictates how well the vehicle can explore uneven ground where the wheels might roll at different elevations.

Line: A line is the course or route you plan to traverse, often plotted out to offer a challenge.

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