It’s Hot In Gallup. Stay Hydrated!

Staying hydrated

When the temperatures soar in the summer, it’s a challenge to stay hydrated. But experts agree that not staying hydrated can have various adverse effects on your health. Dehydration can affect our mood and cause us to feel dizzy, grumpy, and even less on the ball. If you’re feeling a bit more tired than usual or just generally sluggish, you could be slightly dehydrated and not know it. But not everyone loves drinking lots of water. Try these tips for staying hydrated in the Gallup heat this summer to feel your best and make it through the heat.

Eat Your Hydration

Some people don’t care for water much. Fortunately, many fruits are packed with nourishing hydration. For a refreshing snack, try delicious watermelon or cucumber slices. But other fruits will up your water intake, which may surprise you. For instance, grapefruit, strawberries, and peaches deliver tons of vitamins and healthy hydration.

The Flavor Enhancers

If your water-drinking routine has become dull, try adding some flavor to it. Squeezing some lemon or cutting up delicious fruits like melon or pineapple can have you looking forward to your next glass. Another benefit of adding fruit to your water is that kids will love it, too. It could become more popular than sugary juices.

Train Your Brain

If your biggest hurdle to hydration is not having a habit of regularly drinking water, then set yourself up for success. Get a sturdy, easy-to-use water bottle, and keep it handy and filled. If the water bottle is always close by, you’re more likely to take regular sips from it throughout the day. Another tactic you can try is setting timers or reminding yourself to drink water at specific times. For instance, you can start your morning with a glass of water, and then every hour, make sure you take a few sips at least. Put your water goal on your to-do list and enjoy marking off each cup until you’ve hit your target.

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Lots of Liquid Refreshment

In addition to plain water and fruit-infused water, try other refreshing options like tea or sparkling water. As Gallup heats up, think about adding some cooling mint tea to your routine. In fact, you could brew a large pitcher, then have it refrigerated for a refreshing, fragrant, and cooling drink. Also, you could try mixing coconut water with regular water to get a hint of flavor without too much sugar.

Gallup is going to get hot, but you can stay cool and calm by staying hydrated throughout the day. And if plain water sounds boring, jazz things up with fun flavors and techniques to teach yourself healthier routines. You’ll look and feel refreshed even on the hottest days. Time for a refill!

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