How To Warm Up Your Car On Cold Mornings

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Not everyone warms up their car before heading out although they should. On cold days, take advantage of your car’s remote start, if applicable. Otherwise, get up a few minutes earlier to start your vehicle.

You and your car have similarities in that you both need time on a cold day before functioning optimally. Here are some of the reasons why you should always let the engine warm up when it’s cold outside.

Key Information

Never start your car and leave it running unless it’s parked in a safe location. If it’s kept in the garage, be sure to open the door. Otherwise, you risk getting sick or worse from the exhaust fumes. From there, just follow these simple steps:

  • After starting your car, turn on the defroster. That includes one for the windshield and back window. This helps with fogging issues.
  • Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you need to idle your vehicle for a long time. If it’s parked outside or you drive an older model, give it about a minute to warm up. However, if it’s in a garage or a newer vehicle, 30 seconds will suffice.
  • Instead of driving away at normal speed, move slowly for about 10 to 15 minutes. That way, the engine has ample time to warm up but without any risk. Also, this helps to defrost the windows before you get on a highway.

As mentioned, you never want to leave your car idling. After all, that can cause the engine unnecessary wear. Also, it wastes gas and contributes to air pollution.

Older Models vs. Newer Models

Most vehicles on the road today have combustion engines. These ignite with a mixture of gas and air. That mixture is what causes a series of pistons to operate. These vehicles also have a carburetor that provides the gas mixture needed. That’s because it’s hard for gas to evaporate when it’s cold.

Newer automobiles work differently. Most have a fuel injector that detects cold temperatures. In response, it releases extra gas into the gas and air mixture. That compensates for the evaporation issue. A newer car only needs to idle for 30 seconds. Any longer and the extra gas gets into the engine.

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The Bottom Line

If it’s cold outside, warm up your vehicle. For an older model, a minute will suffice. However, if you drive a newer model, you only need to let it idle for 30 seconds. Whether you want to buy a new car or get service done on the one you currently own, contact Amigo Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Gallup, New Mexico.


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