Everything You Need To Know About Your Oil Monitoring System


Motor oil is crucial for an engine to do its job. The oil lubricates, cools, and helps reduce sludge. But as it becomes contaminated, the oil needs to be changed. The big question is, how does a driver know when to change their oil? In many cases, people simply go by how many miles they have driven. There is much more to take into consideration, though. Climate, driving habits, and many other factors affect the life of the oil in a person’s car. These days, modern cars typically feature oil life monitoring systems, sometimes referred to as an OLMS, that can help folks keep track of their oil’s condition. Here’s an explanation of how they work from The Inside Track.

How an OLMS Works

Some people may consider oil life monitoring system a misnomer. The truth is, it does not technically monitor the condition of a vehicle’s oil. But it does bring a little more sophistication than simply counting miles. Instead, an OLMS uses a specific algorithm to calculate an estimated percentage of how much life it thinks is left in the oil. Mileage is a part of that equation, but it is only one piece of the pie. The OLMS tracks idle time, engine temperature, trip times, engine loads, and ignition starts and stops. Then, it establishes an oil change interval somewhere between 3,000 miles and 10,000 miles, depending on the severity of all those factors.

What an OLMS Does Not Track

It is important for drivers to keep in mind that not everything can be measured. For instance, they cannot detect oil levels. If there is a leak or something else that causes someone to run low on oil, the OLMS will not warn them of it. In addition, it cannot recognize oil quality or oil condition.

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