Don’t Throw Out Old Wrapping Paper

wrapping paper

wrapping paper

One of the inevitable chores this Christmas season will be wrapping the gifts you purchase. Some people love doing this and get creative and have fun with it. However, other people dread this task and the time it takes. Therefore, any extra wrapping paper in the home leading up to Christmas or after the holiday may end up in the trash. Or, you may leave it in a closet until next Christmas. On the other hand, you can get the most out of your wrapping paper by using it in other ways this season and throughout the year.

Use It As Placemats

Extra wrapping paper can double as placemats for your table settings this season. For example, a popular method is to lay some paper on the table under your dinnerware at each seat. Then you can also include another décor, such as winter-themed items, including pinecones or bells.

Use As Tray Liners

Secondly, a good way to keep serving trays cleaner this year is to use liners. This tactic can also add a charming or festive touch to your serving dishes. For instance, placing wrapping paper in serving trays will augment the décor you’re using. Plus, you may be able to avoid doing so many dishes. You can choose Christmas wrapping paper for holiday parties or even more neutral wrapping paper that can work for other times of the year.

How About Drawer Liners?

Similar to using wrapping paper as tray liners, you can use it in kitchen drawers. You probably get annoyed with how fast your kitchen drawers can get dirty. It’s not uncommon to quickly find them with crumbs, spills, and other clutter. Some stylish wrapping paper can keep the drawers clean and looking nice. In addition, you can use wrapping paper in other drawers throughout the home, such as in bedroom dresser drawers and more.

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Try It for Packing Material

Furthermore, if you have leftover wrapping paper, you can use it in place of packaging peanuts or bubble wrap. When you put away your Christmas ornaments and decorations for the year, do so carefully by filling the box with shredded wrapping paper. This will help to prevent damage to the items. Moreover, you won’t have to spend extra money buying new packing material. You can also use shredded wrapping paper in this way if you are packing up for a move this coming year.

You may feel as though extra wrapping paper is cluttering up your home. However, think outside the box instead of throwing it away or simply not using it. Wrapping paper can serve other fun and important purposes. Try these this coming year.

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