Dinner Ideas For Two

Shot of a young man hugging his wife as she stirs food on the stove

Maybe you won’t say it to your significant other, but you will agree with us: Going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day is overrated and expensive. Why drop a wad of cash and be rushed through a meal at a restaurant when you can cook up your own romance in the comfort of your home? Indulge in these dinner ideas for two.

For Starters

Don’t go straight to the entrée course. Valentine’s Day dinner should be slow and romantic, so the first event of the evening should be an appetizer on the table. If you are both seafood fans, these butter and herb-baked oysters, full of panko breadcrumbs and lemony butter are hard to beat. Although, if you prefer to start the course with a lighter option, this colorful, citrus salad looks like it’s fresh out of a five-star restaurant, mixing yellow grapefruit, navel oranges, shaved fennel, and more. On the other hand, creamy and rich, this lobster bisque will set the tone for a steakhouse-worthy evening.

The Main Event

When’s the last time you tried a Chinese recipe? This Chinese stir-fry with beef and onions is sure to impress. Serve with sticky, white rice or noodles, and never think twice about Chinese takeout date night. Although, if you started the course with baked oysters or lobster bisque, to continue the seafood soiree, you might consider whipping up a baked stuffed lobster for you and your love. Would you believe us if we said you can have this dish baked and ready within 45 minutes? If you aren’t much of a seafood or Chinese food eater, there’s something special and romantic about Italian dishes, and this authentic eggplant parmesan is just the Valentine’s Day treat.

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For Your Sweet Tooth

We hope you saved room for dessert. Chocolate mousse is a classic, French dessert that is sure to spark romance. It’s served chilled, so you can prepare this chocolate treat beforehand and pull it out of the fridge to close out the evening. If you aren’t much of a chocolate fan, what about bananas flambé? These caramelized, sugared bananas go perfectly with vanilla bean ice cream.

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