Catch A Film At Gallup’s Historic El Morro Theatre

El Morro Theatre.

The El Morro Theatre is a historic building in Gallup, New Mexico. Most of the theatre’s original exterior remains have been replaced to keep the façade intact and have been used as a backdrop for many Native American Ceremonial parades. Parts of the interior no longer exist, such as the original artwork that has been painted over. However, many detailed historical documents remind us of what they once looked like. The organ was taken out in the 1950s and the crying room attached to the women’s restroom no longer exists. However, the El Morro Theatre is still a fantastic option to watch a movie.

About El Morro Theatre

The El Morro Theatre holds both film and live events. The theatre’s capacity is 450 seats, all ADA compliant, and they have devices for CC and hearing impaired individuals. Anyone attending a film or event has access to full theatrical concessions.

Ticket Prices

Movies are a family affair and El Morro Theatre knows that. At any time, tickets for adults run at $9.00, for seniors at $7.00, and for children under the age of twelve, with an adult present, $5.00. The theatre opens 30 minutes before showings and ticket sales run for 45 minutes into the movie.

Party or Conference Venue

If you have ever wanted to have a movie party in front of the big screen, or host a live event, the El Morro Theatre is the right fit for you. The theatre is for more than catching a movie with family or friends, El Morro is a venue that creates memories.

Those renting El Morro Theatre for events have access to one large room (or two small rooms split with airwalls), free access to WiFi during the event, a kitchenette with microwave, sink, and fridge, and a personalized marquee during events. If you are renting the event space and theatre, you will have access to an interior connection between them. The event capacity is 120 people.

Make your event special by renting a space at El Morro Theatre!

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El Morro Theatre Gallery

On their website, El Morro Theatre has a gallery of some of the historic images the theatre is in. Anyone who is interested in historical spaces and the culture surrounding them through the years will love to browse through El Morro’s gallery.

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