Cook in Season With These Fresh Recipes

Grilled Mexican Street Corn Elotes with Vegan Parmesan, Parsley and Plant Based Mayonnaise
As summer starts to turn into the fall season, you may start to look for some new meal ideas. For example, it’s always nice to find some fresh recipes for in-season foods. Such dishes don’t have to be hard to come by. Your next few dinners can be filling, delicious,... [read more]

Prepare Your Car for a Trade-In

man handing off car keys to woman
  Buying a vehicle is an important financial decision. This is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make, so you need to make sure it fits into your budget. If you are worried about being able to qualify for the car you want and afford the payments, you have... [read more]

Don’t Miss This Month’s Artist Showcase In Gallup

artist using paint
Gallup, New Mexico, is home to picturesque views and landscapes. So it should not be surprising that it’s an inspirational place for artists. Talented professionals show off their skills and teach others to appreciate art and even to learn to create works themselves. The city holds a monthly showcase featuring... [read more]

Lace Up For The Navajo Code Talker 10K & 29K

Marathoners running
Looking for a great way to get some exercise and enjoy gorgeous surroundings? You can get outdoors and take part in the annual Navajo Code Talker 10K & 29K race. This event is ideal for experienced runners who want to challenge themselves. The course features some demanding terrain but also... [read more]

Red Or Green? Try These Hatch Chile Recipes

red enchiladas
Being asked “red or green?” is almost a comfort question for New Mexicans. Being asked if you would want your food covered in red or green sauce–or sometimes both–is familiar and welcoming. However, do you have a preference? If you are stuck and want to see if true red or... [read more]

What’s The Difference Between Wheel Alignment And Tire Balance?

Wheel alignment equipment on a car wheel in a repair station
We hear the words balancing and aligning frequently when we are taking care of our cars. We know that both are necessary and important to the upkeep of our vehicles. However, not many people know the difference between the two. has explanations for both, as well as highlights the... [read more]

Catch A Film At Gallup’s Historic El Morro Theatre

El Morro Theatre.
The El Morro Theatre is a historic building in Gallup, New Mexico. Most of the theatre’s original exterior remains have been replaced to keep the façade intact and have been used as a backdrop for many Native American Ceremonial parades. Parts of the interior no longer exist, such as the... [read more]

Can’t Make It To The Ceremonial? You Can Still Catch These Events!

Dancers at the Annual Taos Pow-Wow
The Gallup Tribe International Ceremonial will be celebrated this August. The Ceremonial is one of the oldest events in the city of Gallup and the state of New Mexico. This year, the Gallup Tribe International Ceremonial will be celebrating its centennial with many various types of events starting August 4... [read more]

Don’t Fall For These Common Cleaning Myths

woman cleaning house
We all like when things are clean but often don’t enjoy the process as much. And when we find a new method, hack, or product, the hope is that our cleaning job will become a little bit easier. Unfortunately, some ways aren’t very effective, or worse — they can cause... [read more]

Leading Causes For A Drained Battery

charging dead car battery
It can be frustrating to turn on the car, and suddenly it won’t start. Often, the culprit is a drained battery. Sometimes, a depleted battery is inconvenient, but other times, it can be a huge challenge or even dangerous. You might not be sure what is causing your drained battery... [read more]