Take A Daytrip To The Bluewater Lake State Park

state park with blue water lake

Is the spring weather calling your name, inviting you to engage in some outdoor fun? You can spend an entire day enjoying the great outdoors at Bluewater Lake State Park in Prewitt, NM. The state park has it all, from hiking and camping to fishing and lounging and the beach. Add in the gorgeous views, and you can’t help but agree that the park is paradise on earth. Whether you want to go for the day or pitch a tent and stay awhile, you’re sure to make some memories during your trip. Let’s dive into the details so you can start planning.

Go After the Big One

You can break out your rod and reel at Bluewater Lake State Park for some fishing. While the lake is stocked with various species, tiger muskie is the big draw here. The hybrid fish is in large supply, so you have a good chance of reeling in a big one. Now, if you want to increase the odds, you can hire a fishing guide to help you find the best spots. But you are also free to fish from the shore or a boat without a guide if you prefer.

Take in the Views and Wildlife on the Hiking Trails

Bluewater Lake State Park is breathtakingly beautiful, especially along the hiking trails. It can get a little muddy and rocky on the trails, so dress accordingly. Also, bring some binoculars along so you can spy on birds and other wildlife.

You can come prepared by printing off the park’s trail map. Be sure to circle Pinon Cliffs Trail after printing off the map so you can take in the spectacular views.

Enjoy the Beach and the Water

New Mexico might be landlocked, but you can still spend a day at the beach at Bluewater Lake State Park. Consider bringing a canoe or kayak down to the beach so you can alternate between playing in the water and lounging on the sand. Oh, and beach camping is available, too, so you can keep the fun going if you want to stay the night.

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Have a Horse? Bring it Along

If you have a horse, you can take it out for a ride at Bluewater Lake State Park. While the park doesn’t have designated horse trails, horseback riding is still popular. You might have to share the trail with pedestrians, so keep a lookout from your perch atop your horse.

While you have a basic idea of what to expect at Bluewater Lake State Park, it’s even more impressive in person. You cannot beat the views, and there are plenty of activities to take in during your visit. Thus, load up your gear, pack some food, and head to the park for an outdoor adventure.

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