Start Planning Your Next Biking Trip

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Your trusty bicycle might have gathered some dust over the winter, but spring is finally here. Now, you can dust off the cobwebs and take it out for a spin. Instead of just riding around the neighborhood, check out these biking routes in and around Gallup, NM.

High Desert Trail System (Second and Third Mesa Loop)

Why stay at ground level when you can see Gallup from up above via the High Desert Trail System (Second and Third Mesa Loop)? The desert single-track loop is almost 14 miles long, so it’ll get your blood pumping without pushing you too far. And while it’s relatively short as far as biking trails go, it’s full of challenges, including rock steps, switchbacks, and enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes.

Zuni Mountain 100 Route

After warming up on the High Desert Trail System, you can take your ride to the next level by tackling the Zuni Mountain 100 Route. This mountain bike single-track is 50 miles each way, so you’ll hit triple digits by the time you make it back.

During your 100-mile trek, you’ll ride through canyons, ridges, and meadows and navigate some intense climbs. Oh, and stay close to the brakes because the track has some thrilling descents.

Does that sound like a bit much right now? You can also break the track up into sections instead of taking it all on at once. Whether you want to go section by section or ride the entire route in a single trip, you’re going to love the challenging terrain and gorgeous views.

Milk Ranch Canyon Trail

If you’re up for a serious challenge, the Milk Ranch Canyon Trail in Fort Wingate is standing by. The singletrack trail might clock in at under seven miles, but don’t let the short distance fool you. You’ll climb up canyons, navigate step ledges, and so much more before ending up at a large cave. And while that might seem like the end of the line, you can keep climbing higher.

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Quasimodo Trail

Fort Wingate must be the home of challenging bike trails. You can also visit the Quasimodo Trail when you’re here, and it’s a beast. At just over four miles, it’s even shorter than the Milk Ranch Canyon Trail. As you know by now, short is a far cry from easy. Along with obstacles and difficult terrain, you can expect to push yourself during some steep climbs. Oh, and the descents can get fast, so be ready.

You’re going to have the best spring yet when you take on these trails. Start slow and then peddle your way toward more difficult options.

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