Pick A Book To Read With The Octavia Fellin Public Library


Summer is practically here, and that means it is almost time for the usual activities that come with warmer months. Swimming, eating ice cream, and staying in the air conditioning with a good book, are all popular ways to beat the heat. Folks who choose to read may want to visit the Octavia Fellin Public Library in Gallup, New Mexico. They have book clubs, a summer reading program, art, games, and more for people young and old.

Summer Reading

Registration for the library’s summer reading program begins May 15 for all ages. OFPL is offering a free tote bag to the first 100 people who sign up. Those who choose to be more independent may want to participate in the Build-Your-Own-Book Bundle program. Visitors can work with library staff to talk about their interests and get a customized bundle of books they might enjoy.

Art at the Library

Following the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt established the Works Progress Administration (WPA) Federal Arts Project to launch visual arts programs and support unemployed artists. More than 100 art centers throughout the country were created, and the Gallup Art Center was one of four established in New Mexico. In 1952, the art in Gallup was moved to the library where visitors can observe paintings, drawings, furniture, mosaics, and other pieces.

Education and Shared Interests

From classes and workshops to demos and collaborations, there are plenty of opportunities for learning at OFPL. Basic computer training, social media training, job search assistance, financial literacy, and citizens’ rights are among the topics offered. Plus, in 2019 OFPL established a MakerSpace in the meeting room at the children’s branch. Here, people can discuss shared interests such as computers, machinery, science, or art. The OFPL MakerSpace is equipped with:

  • 3D Printers
  • Sewing Machine
  • Button Makers
  • Electronic Kiln
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Laser Engraver

Chess and Other Games

Chess players will be interested in the regular opportunities to practice and play chess at the library. On Tuesday nights, participants practice chess theory and strategy together. Each Friday there is a tournament with prizes awarded. While the club is open to all ages, it is geared toward people between the ages of eight and 18. There are many other games available at the library, too. Members can access puzzles, board games, Legos, and even Nintendo Game Boys.

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Member Benefits

In addition to being able to borrow certain materials, there are other benefits to being a member of the Octavia Fellin Public Library. For instance, between the main branch and the children’s branch, there are 42 public computers with free internet access available. Also, members can receive one-on-one assistance if they need help with their mobile devices or other technology.  People should contact the library to learn more about free membership and other details.

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