Why Little League Soccer Is Beneficial For Little Ones

Shot of a little boy playing football with his grandmother in backyard.

It would not be too far of a reach to say that a sizeable population of the United States holds fond memories of participating in childhood sports, be it scoring the winning goal, or just playing with your best friends. For many, youth sports hold a sentimental spot in their hearts. These days, a sizeable portion of our youth are turning to one of the fastest-growing sports within the states: soccer. Some Americans will be surprised to learn that soccer is the world’s most popular sport. Why is that? Because all you need is a ball and space. And not only is soccer easy to pick up and play (yet tough to master), it provides a plethora of health benefits that help reduce cholesterol, and blood pressure, among others.

Starting Them Young

The best way to mitigate bad habits is by teaching our youth the right habits from the start. Soccer helps with this. It provides your child with an outlet to develop healthy exercise routines that will continue into the future. The allure of soccer is that it is a multi-purpose sport, which combines endurance, strength, and high-intensity training.


Soccer is usually used as an entry sport for many children. For most kids, soccer will be the first time that they will be placed in a team situation. Soccer itself is primarily a team sport, with 11-on-11 competition. As such, the social aspect of soccer is large, which provides a mental boost that goes along with built-in camaraderie. Friends, and competitors, will be made. Stories of childhood accomplishments will be told at reunions.

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Promotes Cognitive Development

Unlike most sports that involve a lot of standing around and milling about (looking at you baseball), soccer is a fast paced, rhythmic game that forces players to think on their feet and to quickly respond to any situation. The ability to rapidly access and comprehend a situation is important in most aspects of everyday life. Soccer helps hone that ability.

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