Learning To Be More Creative

woman sketching on a sketchpad

In a day and age where it feels like you simply clock in and clock out, putting in over forty hours of work a week, you may wonder where your innovativeness went and if it is even necessary. It is just as important now as it was during the Renaissance or any other time in history to be creative. When you are creative and use your imagination, it empowers you to solve issues with ideas that are fresh and different. Being creative also allows you to express yourself in ways that traditional, verbal communication cannot. While being creative can be very powerful and beneficial for us emotionally and mentally, it can sometimes be difficult to tap into the creative side of our brain, especially when we have turned it off for quite some time. Thankfully, Camille Styles offers some unique ways to help you unlock your creative potential.

Grab the Sketchpad

You may not consider yourself the next Walt Disney or Michelangelo, but the best way to work towards being creative is to grab the sketchpad. Your medium of choice may be pencils or watercolors. Allow yourself to freely paint, draw, color, or doodle whatever you can imagine. Practicing creativeness encourages you to be more creative. Do not worry about how it looks. This is for you and is not going to be hung up in the galleries of the Louvre. As you give yourself more time to doodle and paint, you will naturally get better with the practice, but the act of drawing, coloring, etc. will help you to be creative in other areas of your life.

Let’s Get Physical

Exercise and playing are so important for those who want to be creative. Just look at kids for an example. They are constantly running around, playing games, participating in sports, and engaging in other physical activities, and their imaginations are truly amazing. Let out your inner child and go for a run or play a game of sand volleyball with your friends. You can do some hot yoga or tinker with your car. As you are engaging in these activities. you are actively quietening your inner critic. Being physically active through exercise hones mental sharpness as both oxygen and blood flow extend to the brain.

Welcome the Dullness

This tip might sound ironic or counterproductive. How can you be creative if you are accepting the boredom? This needs to be further clarified. You are not embracing being bored, but rather you are not seeking to be entertained or distracted by electronic devices and social media apps. If you are focusing on someone else’s posts or photos, then you are not giving yourself time to think and be creative. Allow your mind to breathe and ruminate. Sit outside or lay on your bed with your eyes closed for at least fifteen minutes with no music or television on, take deep breaths, and just relax. This will give your mind time to freely roam. Who knows? In the wandering, you may come up with a solution to a challenge you are having at work.

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Believe That You Can Be Creative

Above all these tips that have been mentioned, you must believe that you are capable of being creative.  Don’t be afraid to take risks. Your outlook and perspective on life are distinct from others, so use your individuality to inspire you both professionally and personally. Draw, play, and practice mindfulness, and do not obsess with the results. Being creative takes time, so allot yourself that time, knowing that you will further develop the skill to be creative.

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