Keep Your Pup Entertained Indoors

Shot of a little boy bonding with his dog while his parents sit in the background

Bringing a new puppy into your home is an exciting time. However, it can also be a bit stressful if you have never worked with a pup. Young dogs need a lot of attention and activity to stay healthy and avoid trouble. Try these techniques for keeping your pup entertained indoors.

Making Sense of Scents

Your pup has a fantastic sense of smell and can detect scents much better than any human. In fact, even dog breeds that aren’t scent hounds can learn the differences between even tiny amounts of scent. First, make the game simple by getting two boxes and putting a yummy treat in one. Then gradually make it more challenging to find the treat over time as your dog gets better at detecting it. Of course, finding the treat is the reward.

Active and Agile

Helping your pooch get enough exercise while stuck indoors requires some creativity. And if you have a smaller living space, you’ll need to be even more clever. But regular activity is vital. Think about setting up an obstacle course. Jumps, seesaws, and tunnels are fun obstacles you can guide your pup along. In addition, getting your dog to move helps it use up some of that notorious energy.

Hide and Seek Fun

Of course, you might not have the space or equipment to set up a big obstacle course. But games are vital for young dogs. They’re also a good time to practice basic obedience commands. Playing hide and seek is a good way to teach your pup concepts like “sit” and “stay.” First, make sure that it is very easy to find you. You can make your hiding spot more difficult as your dog learns the game. Best of all, this game doesn’t need any special equipment. And don’t forget to reward your puppy with lots of praise for finding you.

Toy Time

Many dogs love to play and chew. In fact, if you don’t give them toys, they might start chewing on your things. It can be pretty frustrating to discover a mangled shoe or destroyed pillow. Since you can’t always entertain your puppy every moment of the day, toys are a great option. But you don’t have to go out and buy the most expensive and complicated things. Many dogs love homemade tug toys made from old t-shirts. And there are low-cost toys you can get from the pet store that allows you to put a treat inside. These toys provide a puzzling challenge to your dog.

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Think Outside the Box

Many dogs love being around other dogs. You can help your pup socialize at indoor doggy daycares and play facilities. In addition, many of these places have pools or small obstacle courses to help out even the most energetic dog. And on the hottest days, an indoor play area helps your pup stay cool and healthy while making new friends.

Use these tips and watch your wild little pup grow into a wonderful companion full of fun and personality.

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