Host A Late Summer Pool Party

group of children having fun in Pool on the summer time

With summer ending and school starting soon, it’s your last chance to throw a late summer pool party. Something about a pool party with friends makes any summer party better. Close out summer with a bang by implementing these end-of-summer pool party ideas by BlueSky at Home. These pool party ideas have something for everyone and can help you plan for food, decorations, and organization.

Pool Party Ideas

Go Big With Decorations: It’s summer time so the bigger, the better. Incorporate bright colors with pool floats, cozy lounge chairs, party games, and more. Incorporate bright colors into the games and have everything tie together.

Choose Easy and Yummy Food: Your children will want to soak in the pool with friends for as long as possible, so consider preparing finger foods and tasty snacks. You can decorate the food table with bright-colored napkins, plastic cups, and plates.

Purchase Extra Towels: There’s no guarantee that your children’s friends will remember to bring towels, so plan on stocking up on extra towels. Consider having a table specifically for beach towels, and when the children are done with the towels, have a laundry basket ready to hold all the wet towels.

Plan A Theme: Having a theme can make planning a pool party easy, so ask your children for ideas. Your party could be luau-themed, movie-themed, or flamingo-themed. Get creative with the theming and have your kids help plan the various activities everyone can enjoy. The theme also depends on your children’s ages, so keep that in mind when planning.

Have Party Favors: When the party guest arrive, pass out party favors like pool toys. This helps ensure that every guest has a toy to play with. You should also consider purchasing extras in case some are lost or broken.

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Start Planning A Pool Party Today

If you’re ready to plan a pool party, it’s time to consider where you want to host the party, whether that’s in your backyard or the community pool. You can even consider renting inflatable water slides so the kids who don’t want to swim can slide down the slide, or you could set up an inflatable obstacle course and have the kids race to the finish line. No matter how old your children are, you can plan a great party they’ll love.

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