Lend A Helping Hand For The Holidays

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Helping others during the holidays is a fulfilling experience. By volunteering at a food pantry during the holidays, you can make an impact in your community. Here’s how to volunteer at a food pantry during the holidays.

1. Check with Your Local Food Bank for Volunteer Opportunities During the Holidays

Does your community have food programs? If they do, you should contact your local food bank to find out who needs volunteers. The volunteer slots around the holidays tend to fill up quickly, so you should start looking for a program that needs help now!

2. Decide What Time is Best for Your Family

Throughout the year, food programs are always in need of help. Volunteers can pack meals for families and distribute food in their communities. These programs often run 24 hours a day. By signing up early, you should have no trouble finding a time that works for you and your family.

3. Volunteering at a Food Pantry

It depends on the program, but you’re likely to distribute food to neighbors, help with holiday meals, assemble food donations, or deliver meals as a volunteer.

4. Helping from Home

If you want to volunteer remotely, your local food bank may offer a few options, including spreading the word on social media, fundraising programs, and even writing thank you cards for donations.

5. Did You Enjoy Your Experience?

Giving back by volunteering at a food program during the holidays is a wonderful tradition. And don’t forget that the need doesn’t end after the holidays, there is always demand for volunteers and donations. Get started by visiting the Community Pantry website.

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6. Didn’t Get a Chance to Volunteer this Year?

Volunteering during the holidays can be challenging because of the added pressure of family obligations. Giving back is always good for the soul, and it can also help you see the value of what you have. Donating money now will help to ensure that our neighbors have the food they need this holiday season and beyond.

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