Head To Town For The Gallup ArtsCrawl

Outdoor Art Gallery

Are you looking for some family-friendly fun that involves the entire community? If so, add a trip to the Gallup ArtsCrawl to your calendar. The annual event started back up in March and will take place on the second Saturday of the month through December. This means you can head to Coal Avenue in Downtown Gallup from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. for the next one on May 14. The city closes off the streets for the event. Thus, you can roam around with your family and take it all in during your visit. So get the scoop so you’ll know what to expect when attending.

Immerse Yourself in Art

With the name “ArtsCrawl,” you expect some art, and you won’t be disappointed. The organizers designed the event so you can make, see, and hear art, and it delivers on each front.

When it comes to seeing art, you can browse through the galleries, take in dance performances, and browse crafts from vendors. It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s more art to see.

So, what about hearing art? The Gallup ArtsCrawl features live music during each event so that you can jam out to tunes. The music will follow you as you walk around, so your toes never have to stop tapping.

But what about making art? The event has hands-on activities and immersive experiences, including art workshops. Thus, you can tap into your skills during the event. But don’t worry if you need a little help. You can take in an artist demonstration or participate in a meet and greet, where you can ask some questions about making pieces. Then you can use that information to make your art later.

Chow Down at Restaurants

All that art will make you hungry, so you’ll love the restaurant specials available during Gallup ArtsCrawl. Plus, food trucks are often ready to serve you some delicious offerings. If you go that route, you can grab some food and continue to walk through the closed-off streets.

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A New Experience Each Time

While the Gallup ArtsCrawl always has various activities to enjoy, no two events are the same because of the themes. There’s a new theme each time, often based on the season. For instance, last year, themes included Beach Party Bingo in July and Howl at the Moon in October. The themes allow the participating artists and vendors to put special twists on their offerings.

Gallup ArtsCrawl provides a fantastic way to engage with the community while taking in the local art scene. And even though it offers so much to do, it’s free to attend. Thus, load up the entire family and head over on May 14.

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