Go Rock Crawling At Chokecherry Canyon

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People who own a Jeep Wrangler in Gallup, New Mexico, may want to test their vehicle’s rock-crawling ability at Chokecherry Canyon, according to New Mexico Magazine. Located approximately one hour up the road in Farmington’s Glade Run Recreation Area, Chokecherry Canyon draws off-road enthusiasts from all over who want to traverse its paths. There are numerous beginner-friendly dirt and gravel roads in the trail system as well as several that classify so high that rollovers are likely. Chokeberry offers so much, in fact, that it has played host to the World Extreme Rock Crawling Nationals. Here are some of the highlights people can find at the canyon with ratings from Chokecherry Crawlers.

Trails for Beginners

People who are just starting out should stick to Playground 1 and Playground 2. These are primarily dirt and gravel roads. These trails are ideal for introducing drivers who have little experience to loose rock and other hazards they might face on more treacherous trails.

Experienced & Skilled

Once a driver has leveled up they can begin to hone their skills on slightly more challenging trails. At Chokecherry Canyon, the ones that would fall under this category are Anasazi Refrigerator Trail, Ball Hanger, Reptile Trail, Arch Trail, Skinny Canyon, New Years Trail, Bear Trail, Hidden Trail, and Lower Rim.

Of course, there are some more adventurous trails. It may take a while before a driver should tackle one of these trails, but once their skills are above average someone may enjoy taking their Wrangler or other off-roading vehicle out to one of these: Cobra Trail, Upper Rim Trail, Snoopy Trail, Wireline Trail, Lamigra Trail, or Garage Trail.

Beyond Extreme

The next step up features two trails in which the Chokecherry Crawlers suggest drivers bring a winch or tow strap. Waterfall Trail and Scratching Post Trail can challenge those with excellent skills. After that, Harold’s Highway Memorial Trail and Beaver Falls Trail feature multiple large climbs and descents that are beyond extreme.

Likely & Possible Rollovers

Drivers should proceed with caution before they allow themselves to graduate up another level. Gladiator Trail and RJs Trail are challenging, according to Chokecherry Crawlers. There are tough obstacles, but many can be bypassed. These trails allow drivers to push their limits before trying Intimidator Trail, a place where body damage and rollovers are possible when a less experienced off-roader is behind the wheel.

Only the most experienced drivers who have modified vehicles and spotters with them should try Highway Trail, Slickline Trail, or 667 Rockers Trail. Even then, people behind the wheel can expect their skills to be tested immensely.

Trail Rating Changes

The Chokeberry Crawlers note that the ratings for each of these trails is subjective and subject to change depending on factors such as the weather, erosion, amount of use, and modifications made by people. They stress that drivers be aware of their limitations and remember that serious vehicle damage or worse, injuries to humans, can happen.

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