Explore New Trails As Jeep Blazes Into The Future

2022 Jeep Cherokee

New and exciting things are coming for loyal Jeep fans and first-time buyers. Jeep has found a way to weave together a timeless dedication to adventure and freedom with futuristic innovation. All your favorites are back and ready for action. Plenty of space for the whole family, gear, and tons of features will make every outing a success. Here are a few highlights of what’s on the horizon:

High Tech Safety and Ingenuity

Whether braving the urban jungle or the back of beyond, high-tech features will keep you safe and enhance your drive. You’ll be impressed by Jeep’s Hands-Free Active Driving Assist for those longer journeys. This feature will be standard on many of the newest models. And safety is a top goal, which is why Jeep offers Head-up Displays. Also, Drowsy Driver Warnings ensure you arrive safely, whether driving across town or the country. Finally, enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of wireless connection with Uconnect, linking you to virtual assistants.

The Future is Electric

Electric vehicles have come a long way, and Jeep is at the forefront with an all-new Wrangler BEV in development. This all-electric concept could be hitting the streets near you soon. In addition, there’s an exciting Grand Cherokee 4xe hybrid vehicle in the works. The Grand Cherokee is known for its ruggedness and versatility. Combined with fuel-saving hybrid technology, it aligns perfectly with the spirit of freedom embodied by Jeep.

Finally, with the rollout of its electric models, Jeep also plans to install solar-powered charging. These solar stations will be at key spots across the country. As a result, you’ll be able to offroad with ease. You’ll be able to hit the trails like the Rubicon in California and plug in to charge.

Forging New Connections and Strengthening Old Ones

Jeep is known for having some of the most loyal clients around. Adding new features to client services will only enhance and strengthen that loyalty. For example, Wagoneer Client services deliver great customer service from the first test drive and the entire time you own your Jeep.

But it’s not only Wagoneer clients who get excellent service. In fact, all Jeep owners receive top-notch customer care through the unique Jeep Wave program. It’s the only program in the industry that delivers scheduled maintenance with no mileage restrictions. Moreover, Jeep Wave offers full support 24/7. Exciting perks and VIP offers are also a part of the program.

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Become a Part of the Jeep Family

Current Jeep owners will tell you that it truly is like being a part of a big and close family. When Jeep owners gather, they’re no longer strangers. When it’s time for you to buy, come on out to visit us here at Amigo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Gallup, New Mexico. See the future of Jeep now.

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