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Vintage Native American Turquoise and Sterling Silver Jewelry, Necklaces, Bracelets and Concho on a black background.

Has a piece of jewelry caught your attention to the point that you knew you had to buy it? That’s the experience you’ll have when you lay eyes on beautifully handcrafted items at Towering House Jewelry. This quaint shop sells gorgeous one-of-a-kind Native American jewelry.

A Brief History of Towering House Jewelry

Four amazing women joined forces to create one-of-a-kind jewelry that’s beyond beautiful. The result is Annette, Tia, Alicia, and Lucita handcrafted items unique from anything you’ve ever seen. Besides stunning designs, the necklaces are colorful and bold.

As one of the first Navajo Nation’s princesses, Annette has always been passionate about making necklaces and gorgeous woven rugs. Although she no longer looms, you can buy one or more of her jewelry pieces from Towering House Jewelry.

Instead of handcraft traditional Native American jewelry, Tia decided to head in a different direction. For that reason, you’ll immediately notice incredible styles. As for Alicia, she stays busy with her three children. But she makes custom shirts and comes up with inspiring earring designs.

Examples of What You’ll Discover at Towering House Jewelry

Silver and Soft Green Turquoise Necklace

One piece consists of balls of silver that connect to a pendant made of calming green turquoise. Along with additional balls of silver, it features a wavy design on the silver that flanks the stones.

Red Horseshoe-shaped Turquoise Necklace

If you prefer bold pieces, you’ll fall in love with this splendid necklace. Again, it’s made of silver balls attached to the pendant. This unique necklace includes tear-drop-shaped red turquoise that accompanies the balls of silver.

But the horseshoe-shaped pendant makes a powerful statement. Especially if you have a special event to attend, you’ll grab everyone’s attention by wearing this necklace.

Bolo Ties

You’ll even find handcrafted bolo ties that both men and women can wear. Attached to a quality leather strap, one consists of a round silver piece. In the center, a sky-blue turquoise stone is enhanced with lines that extend to the edge of the silver disc. They even include silver on the ends of the leather.

Bracelets and Rings

Necklaces aren’t the only type of jewelry that these talented women create. The Towering House of Jewelry also features a broad range of bracelets and rings. With so many choices, you can go with something simple for everyday outfits or select something big and bold.


As mentioned, Alicia inspires most of the earring designs. That includes drop crosses made of green turquoise inlaid in silver. You might also like a pair of oval-shaped hoop earrings made of multiple small blue turquoise stones.

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Check Out Towering House Jewelry for Yourself

To see what these ladies made, you can view their Native American jewelry on their Instagram page. You can also visit the company’s website. Nothing they sell disappoints.

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