Don’t Miss This Month’s Artist Showcase In Gallup

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Gallup, New Mexico, is home to picturesque views and landscapes. So it should not be surprising that it’s an inspirational place for artists. Talented professionals show off their skills and teach others to appreciate art and even to learn to create works themselves. The city holds a monthly showcase featuring a different artist each time. This month’s showcase highlights the works of Dana Aldis. Make sure you enjoy seeing her art from Oct. 8 to Nov. 12.

About the Artist

Dana holds a master’s degree in fine arts and is a resident of Gallup. She focuses on portraits and Plein air painting. She likes using palettes to create her artworks, many of which come from her own life experiences. Dana likes nature, too, which manifests itself in many of her creations. Moreover, you will see many of her art pieces depicting humor and vulnerability. Her works have found themselves in galleries all around the country.

Checking Out the Artist Showcase

Those interested in learning more about Dana and appreciating her works can do so at the Oct. 8 to Nov. 12 showcase. Come to 123 W Coal Ave in Gallup, New Mexico, during this time. You can call anytime with questions or concerns at 505-488-2136.

100-Day Challenge

One of the recent hallmarks of Dana’s art is the 100-day Challenge Project. An artist friend of hers began this movement in early 2019. Dana has joined the challenge and used it to showcase her many unique and beautiful portraits. Each day, she creates a new portrait. For the challenge, she creates 6-inch-by-9-inch oil portraits on paper. Each portrait takes 90 minutes or less.

You can purchase any of her portraits for $45. Doing this is simple. For example, you can email Dana at She will send you a PayPal invoice. Once you pay for the piece, she will begin the sketch.

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Recent Sketches

Dana is a versatile artist. For example, some of her paintings depict the gorgeous Gallup surroundings. However, other works are more humorous, where she paints silly-looking playful animals. One of her earliest 100-day Challenge paintings was titled “Take Me To Your Leader.” This shows a small alien creature against an orange-yellow background. She had a similar piece titled “Friendly Visitor.” Only this alien was less intimidating. It had a big smile, googly eyes, and bright colors of red-orange and blue.

She also paints pictures of seasonal fruits, such as clementine, as well as others clinging to life as one season changes to another.

Dana loves hiking. In fact, she gets inspiration as she is out and about. A simple painting of a backyard tree against a red fence is something she can create in a matter of minutes.

There’s so much to see and learn about Dana this month at the showcase. Make sure you take the time to visit.

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