Don’t Fall For These Common Cleaning Myths

woman cleaning house

We all like when things are clean but often don’t enjoy the process as much. And when we find a new method, hack, or product, the hope is that our cleaning job will become a little bit easier. Unfortunately, some ways aren’t very effective, or worse — they can cause damage. Revisit some of the cleaning hacks you’ve heard of, so you don’t fall for these common cleaning myths.

Salt Doesn’t Set Colors

One old trick that many people use is to soak clothing in salt water to set the colors. The idea behind this hack is to prevent fading and keep clothes bright. However, tests have proven that saltwater soaks don’t affect the clothing’s ability to resist fading. In many cases, colors run and fade because of the fabric or the finishing process during manufacturing.

Newspapers Won’t Help You See Clearly

In the past, many people used newspapers to get a streak-free shine on their windows. Years ago, newspapers used inks that worked well and left a coating on the window — so this hack used to be true. But nowadays, many newspapers use different inks that don’t have the same effect. In fact, you’re better off using vinegar or rubbing alcohol with a soft microfiber cloth.

Keep the Toilet Bowl Cleaner in the Toilet

Your toilet bowl cleaner likely does a great job busting all that grime and yuck in the toilet bowl. It makes sense that many people would think it could also be an excellent cleaner for the shower. However, toilet bowl cleaner contains specific acids and components that are safe to use inside the toilet. But these chemicals can damage other surfaces, like grout and calk. Stick to a shower or multi-surface cleaner for the shower and bathroom.

Busting Bleach Myths

If you ask people of some generations to clean without bleach, they might look at you skeptically. But the truth is that using bleach doesn’t ensure a clean surface. In fact, bleach doesn’t clean at all. While it does disinfect, it is not an effective tool for cleaning grime from surfaces. An extra issue is that sometimes bleach can damage surfaces or clothing. It’s better to use cleaners that say they remove dirt. And if you’re scrubbing the tub, use a soft scrub cleaner with baking soda.

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Feathers Leave it Dusty

If you’re constantly battling with the dust in your home, your choice of dusters may be to blame. As it turns out, feather dusters may not clean your shelves at all. Instead, they spread the dust around. Grab a soft, damp cloth if you want to remove dust from your knick-knacks. Another effective solution is to use your vacuum with a nozzle attachment. These methods remove the dust instead of moving it around.

When you know which cleaning hacks work and which don’t, you can get the job done faster and with less stress. Your home in Gallup, NM, will look great, and you won’t waste time on cleaning myths.

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