Can’t Make It To The Ceremonial? You Can Still Catch These Events!

Dancers at the Annual Taos Pow-Wow

The Gallup Tribe International Ceremonial will be celebrated this August. The Ceremonial is one of the oldest events in the city of Gallup and the state of New Mexico. This year, the Gallup Tribe International Ceremonial will be celebrating its centennial with many various types of events starting August 4 and through the 14. For any person interested in the centennial celebration but cannot make it to the Ceremonial, here are some events you can still catch!

Ceremonial Thursday Night Parade

The centennial theme is “One World Beat.” August 4 will kick off the celebrations with a parade held in Gallup. This is the first parade of two that is celebrating the centennial of the Ceremonial. Both parades will celebrate Native American and Indigenous cultures with floats and performances. All participants will be in Native American and Indigenous dress, rodeo attire, or uniforms.

Ceremonial Queen Pageant

The Ceremonial Queen Pageant will be held in Gallup on August 8-10. The Miss Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial Queen Pageant originated in the 1930s. The pageant is an amazing opportunity for Native American and Indigenous women to have a platform that celebrates their culture and to be a role model for other Native American and Indigenous women and girls.

Juried Art Show

Numerous events, including the Juried Art Show, will be held at Red Rock Park on August 13. Besides the art show, participants can learn more about Native American culture through a rodeo, Powwow, Artisans Market, Native American Dance Performances, and Navajo Song and Dance. The art show will include entries of textiles, Kacha Dolls and wooden figures, metalsmithing, lapidary arts, baskets, tribal arts, paintings and sand paintings, sculptures, and pottery. There is a section for youth entries as well.

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Virtual Artisans Market

Show support by joining in on the virtual artisans market. The virtual market will be available from August 4-14 to everyone who cannot join the celebrations in person. The market includes prints and paintings by Jerome L. Martinez, stickers and keychains by Dawnté John, jewelry by Sidney Nez, Jr., and many more wonderful creations by many different Native American and Indigenous artists!

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