6 Tips For When You Are Running Low On Gas

Empty fuel warning light in car dashboard. Fuel pump icon. gasoline gauge dash board in car with digital warning sign of run out of fuel turn on. Low level of fuel show on speedometer dashboard.

We have all been there — you get in the car, headed to work or a social event, and your gas tank is low. You don’t have time to fuel up. Or, you are on a road trip, and you stretched your tank too far, and now you are nowhere near a gas station. If this situation sounds familiar, read up on these six tips for when you are running low on gas.

Explore Your Options

Before you burn any more gas, pull over and use your phone or car’s navigation system to research the closest gas station. AAA has an app you can use, or you can simply hop on the “Maps” app on your device and click the “gas stations” button.

Slow and Steady

This is not the time to panic. If you put the pedal to the metal, your gas will run out even faster. Keep a ready pace on the road, between 35 and 45. Speeding guzzles the precious gasoline you have left.

Survive the Heat

While it may seem unbearable to ride down the road without air conditioning, you will be a lot happier sweating it out for a few minutes, rather than being stuck on the side of the road with only the option to walk to the nearest gas station. The use of air conditioning puts stress on your engine, which causes further electrical strain, leading to the need for more fuel to operate.

Shut Off the Tunes

The same goes for the radio — turn it off! While it may not make a large difference in your fuel use, every drop counts when you are in the middle of nowhere and searching for the closest gas station. We also suggest unplugging any charging devices.

Roll Up the Windows

While many drivers think they can turn off their air conditioning and roll down the windows to save fuel, having the windows down while driving down the road causes wind resistance. Unfortunately, you may just have to break a sweat.

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Headed Downhill

You may not have the option, but if you locate two gas stations, and one is uphill and the other is downhill, always choose the one located downhill. This is not the time to climb! Also, don’t put your vehicle in neutral, as this is actually wasteful because your vehicle still requires gas to run.

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