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Don’t Fall For These Common Cleaning Myths

woman cleaning house
We all like when things are clean but often don’t enjoy the process as much. And when we find a new method, hack, or product, the hope is that our cleaning job will become a little bit easier. Unfortunately, some ways aren’t very effective, or worse — they can cause... [read more]

Leading Causes For A Drained Battery

charging dead car battery
It can be frustrating to turn on the car, and suddenly it won’t start. Often, the culprit is a drained battery. Sometimes, a depleted battery is inconvenient, but other times, it can be a huge challenge or even dangerous. You might not be sure what is causing your drained battery... [read more]

Grab A Leash And Head Out To These Dog-Friendly Spots

happy dog shopping with owner
Your dog is your best friend and loves going everywhere with you. But not every place is dog-friendly. It can be frustrating to head out with your canine companion and end up at a place that doesn’t allow dogs. Fortunately, there are plenty of places in Gallup NM, that let your... [read more]

Grilled Too Much? Get Creative With The Leftovers

4th of july feast with burgers and hot dogs on picnic table
If you planned a backyard BBQ gathering in Gallup, NM, and ended up with many odds and ends uneaten, don’t fret. In fact, there are many things you can make with leftovers from your grilled food and sides. Avoid leftover boredom and reinvent some of the uneaten food. If you... [read more]